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Superman Returns Fanvid - FFF's Superman 
02:42pm 20/12/2006
  This is my tribute to the film Superman Returns. It includes all the best moments from the film surrounding Clark Kent/Superman, as well as the lovestory with Lois. Five for Fighting's Superman used.

Edited on Sony Vegas
Song - Superman by Five for Fighting

"Someone help me!"
10:56am 29/09/2004
mood: bouncy
Here me not!
"Someone help me!"
02:16am 12/04/2004
  It's 2:16, do you know where the Flash is?

Right behind you. Now he's gone. You have to be faster than that.
2 superheros .|. "Someone help me!"
09:39pm 11/04/2004
mood: curious
OK, WonderWoman is still under the capture of the vilians known as the "rents". But on the 23 Someone should rescue her! what do ya say?!?!! sence noone has yet!
2 superheros .|. "Someone help me!"
02:59am 06/02/2004
  Give me a call when you get back to Gotham City. Just so I can let the others in the Justice League know you're alright.


p.s. i got those pictures of all of us back (i.e. check user icons) from when we did that photo shoot and put them on the site.
"Someone help me!"
09:43pm 22/01/2004
  Dear Batman,

Whats with keeping the teenager in your cave?


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03:05pm 19/01/2004
  This is the Flash and I am typing at 431296374362173640219634725329746419874326497216374216374621 wpm. This entire message took me .000000000000000000000000000000000000001 seconds.  
"Someone help me!"
03:51pm 15/01/2004
  Ok so i was thinking you guys, I want to be a different superhero. and it was brought to my attention by the cartoon network that we were missing 3 very important girls.
title or description
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oka here are some heros 
05:05pm 11/01/2004
mood: cant think
these are SOME u dont got.

MICHELANGELO from teenager muntant ninja turtles
astro boy
jack na jokes
phantom menes
sorry i cant think?!
can i get back 2 u?

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need help 
01:03am 02/01/2004
  give me some superheros that are not in the "intrests page".  
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04:07pm 01/01/2004
  hey guys, what superheros are being portrayed in this?  
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